You Can Now Watch Hulu Through Picture-in-Picture Mode on iOS

The software function was disabled early after it was originally created, preventing all iOS users from multitasking Hulu on their devices.

Credit | Business Insider

As of March 2nd, Hulu has officially and completely reenabled picture-in-picture (PiP) mode on iOS. With PiP reenabled, you can again half-attempt to watch a TV show or movie on Hulu, while browsing Instagram, or reading news. With Hulu having officially rejoined the PiP crowd, the only major service left to enable the software, is YouTube, which at one point had the ability to minimize on iOS.

PiP for iPhone was originally enabled for Hulu at the beginning of iOS 14, the introduction of the software, although it was later completely disabled in order to “work on a few updates to provide the best experience for our viewers.”


Now that PiP is available again, you can now enable it by starting a show or movie, then touching the PiP button on the top, a little rectangle pointing in towards a smaller rectangle. It’ll resize the video, allowing you to change the video box.

Hulu now falls along the following services, which current support PiP:

  • Disney+
  • Apple TV+
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • HBO Max
  • not YouTube 🙁


All of these services allow you to access PiP through its corresponding button, or by going to your phone or tablet’s homepage.

Although, yet again, YouTube is the odd service out, mostly due to the money Google makes from YouTube Premium. You’re allowed to listen to and watch YouTube when you close the service, with Premium, whereas PiP would ruin the point of Premium.

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If you ever need help with setting up, or activating PiP on your iOS device, you can check out MacRumors guide here.

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