Undertale Revealed To Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

The fan favorite video game will finally be available for Xbox players starting tomorrow, ending an almost 6 year absence of the game.

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In a 10am announcement by the Xbox Wire website, Undertale is finally coming to Xbox, and through Game Pass at that. For those of you that don’t know what Undertale is, it’s a 2D RPG video game created by Toby Fox, released in 2015 to great applause and widespread critical and commercial acclaim. Everyone and their mother’s sons were playing Undertale, but yet it wasn’t on Xbox.

Undertale launched on PC, eventually migrating to PS4 then Nintendo Switch, but was notably absent from any and all Xbox consoles, something that really wasn’t addressed until after 5 years.

That was until now, with Undertale surprise announced for a release on Game Pass, tomorrow the 16th. It’ll be available on Xbox One and Series X|S, giving millions of people their first opportunity to play the adored, yet previously unavailable role playing game.

Ironically though, even Xbox’s blog points out that the game’s 5th anniversary was celebrated last year, although they luckily pointed out the fact that the game’s graphics aren’t dated. For those of you that haven’t seen Undertale, it’s built off of individually designed and animated 16-bit characters and set pieces, luckily a form that doesn’t tarnish with time.

I’ll let Xbox explain the game in more detail, and why they finally brought it to Xbox after it went to PC, PS4, and the Switch:

“In Undertale, every monster is an individual and every interaction is unique; you can choose to fight, or you can choose to show mercy — and how you play and what you choose will affect the outcome of the story. With a hilarious and heartwarming cast of endearing characters, an incredibly catchy soundtrack, and truly standout RPG gameplay, it’s no surprise that the game continues to surprise and delight new players to this day.

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that the aforementioned PC version of Undertale has been available on the Microsoft Store for a while now. While the Xbox version provides for a largely similar experience, there are a few Xbox-specific enhancements designed to make for a more comfortable time for those playing on a home console. Because of these, progress and save data between the two versions are unfortunately not compatible. But this also means that, similar to previous console releases, the Xbox version features its own little…shrine, one might say…of exclusive content to look out for.”

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The game’ll be available tomorrow for ‘free’ with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One/X|S, with a purchasing option available for $14.99. This is definitely a game that I’d recommend people check out, and it’s really good. I’ve played it on Switch and through the Microsoft Store, and it’s really good.

It’s a deep philosophical dive into the morality of video games, and honestly quite a decent experience with some skills required behind the game. So, really, you should check it out.

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