Six Flags' Record-Breaking Jersey Devil Roller Coaster Opens This Year

The single-rail, 13 story, 58 mile per hour record breaking coaster was to open in Great Adventure during 2020, but was delayed due to COVID.

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2019 was a great year for Six Flags. Piggybacking off their best financial year in possibly ever, the company announced a new, ambitious roller coaster: the Jersey Devil Coaster, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail roller coaster. While it was originally supposed to debut the next year, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the debut date somewhere into the future. According to recent sources, that somewhere might be right ahead.

As Six Flags presents it,

“Towering 13 stories, at speeds up to 58 mph, riders will soar single file through the dark and foreboding woods over 3,000 feet of track;

Inspired by infamous New Jersey mythology, the cutting-edge coaster will feature five intense elements including two dramatic inversions.”

While this roller coaster isn’t the tallest, fastest, or longest steel roller coaster in the world, it breaks records for a very unique category: single-rail coasters. 

Single rail coasters are built around one rail for a cart to ride on, half the space compared to the standard two rails. To help you understand, imagine an alpine slide or some sort of inflatable slide. When you go down, you ride down the middle in something, with the two walls to your sides keeping you inside. 

That’s pretty much what a single rail coaster is, and likely the easiest explanation I have, other than just offering to redirect you to Google.

Recent updates

Thanks to Marketing and PR Manager at Great Adventure, Kristin Fitzgerald, we now know that the coaster’s been done for about a month. In an interview with Narcity, Fitzgerald mentioned that the last piece of that track was added in late January, which would be other a month by now.

She continued by saying that “this was a huge milestone, although the project still has quite a long way to go.”  The best estimation of what they have left would be the following:

  • Mechanical systems, like a launch or lift
  • Extra safety measures
  • Tests with the trains
  • Additional cosmetic addons (paint, textures, effects, etc.)
  • New queue
Coaster specs

The new coaster will take riders up to 130 feet into the air, before plunging down a near vertical drop. After the 87 degree drop, the ride will take the trains through a 180 degree stall, a raven dive, and then a zero-gravity roll, according to Six Flags promotional material.

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There’s no confirmed opening date for the coaster, although with the increase in recent news with the roller coaster, it wouldn’t be too far of a guess to assume that summer 2021 would be a generic debut area. This roller coaster should be a great addon for Great Adventure, home to massive and experimental rides like Kingda Ka.

Remember, single track rides really aren’t that common, with only two having been constructed, as of March 1st. Jersey Devil will be Six Flags’ second coaster, after Fiesta Texas’ Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster.

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