Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Leaked at $199 Price Point

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Leaked at $199 Price Point

The rumored next generation of Samsung’s first-party earbuds are expected have a $199 price tag, quite cheaper than Apple’s highest offering.

The rumored next generation of Samsung’s first-party earbuds are expected have a $199 price tag, quite cheaper than Apple’s highest offering.

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Samsung’s long rumored update to their Samsung Buds line has continued to leak, as more and more information continues to pour in. After images of the Galaxy Buds Pro popped up earlier in December, there hasn’t been any information on the price of the buds until now.

Through a Tweet by Twitter user @_h0x0d_, we now know that the earbuds will likely cost $199, which would be $50 more than the Galaxy Buds Plus ($149) and $30 than the lovely Samsung Beans (actually Galaxy Buds Live at $169). These earbuds will also have “intelligent active noise cancellation” and an improved water resistance rating, coming in at IPX7, which is rated for 1 meter of submersion for up to 30 minutes. The previous Buds Pro and Live came in at IPX2.

Another picture lower in WalkingCat’s feed shows the earbuds’ supposedly improved water resistance, as well as a take-apart model including descriptions of the buds’ “intelligent ANC,” sound quality, and convenience.

With previous leaks, the design was rumored to be close to the previous Buds Plus, which seems to be consistent with this leak. The difference seems to come with noise cancellation, water resistance ratings, and a lowered battery life? It’s possibly due to the active noise cancellation which usually drains the battery much faster than it would otherwise, but it’s still interesting that it’s written as lower.

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Playtime on the Buds Pro falls to a supposed eight hours, which is the same as the Live, but still three hours less than the Plus. Battery life with the charging case included still places the earbuds lower than the past generations, at 28 hours of listening compared to 29 with the Live.

Talk time is also listed as falling to 4.5 hours, which happens to be a full hour less than the Buds Live, and a total of 3 hours less than the Buds Plus. Talk time with the charging case gives the earbuds the same battery life as the Plus, at 15 hours, but is lower compared to the 19 hours that the Buds Live has.

Samsung is rumored to be planning these releases to happen early 2021, likely adding on to an already busy January for the company. Samsung is to have a CES press conference on January 11th, with a rumored Unpacked event, slated to include the Galaxy S21 announcement, set for January 14th.

In a rather surprising turn of events, the Charlotte Hornets ended up trading away Jalen Duren to the Pistons for one first round pick and four second round picks. Things were really weird last night, thanks in part to WOJ spoiling the trade, and you might be a Hornets fan like me that’s still a little confused about everything that happened.

Fortunately, it apparently wasn’t that dramatic or confusing — rather, Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak decided to trade away pick 13 (Jalen Duren) to Detroit, simply because we had no use for him. According to Kupchak, Mark Williams was always the number one pick for the Hornets as it came to center prospects. Although Duren was listed as number one by many organizations and news sites, his lower floor seemed to counteract his higher ceiling.

With Williams, however, the Hornets have an NBA-ready prospect with a reach that outdoes even elite centers like Rudy Gobert, with rim protection to boot. On top of that, Mark Williams shot a ridiculous 73% from the field last season with Duke, with more than a few perfect-from-the-field games to boot. When it comes to reliability, defense, and scoring potential, apparently you can’t do better than Williams at the 15th pick, one of the reasons why Kupchak ended up taking him there.

For a bit more reference, Williams is 7-foot-2 in shoes, with a reach of nearly 10 feet — that’s almost enough to just put the basketball in the basket when standing. Jumping, we’ve got a serious lob threat with more than enough scoring potential to boot. On top of the chance for a quick scoring turnaround, Williams was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year with nearly 3 blocks per game, atop his ridiculous shooting splits.

As for Jalen Duren, he shot 60% from the field, averaging 12PPG, 8.1RPG, and 1.3APG off about 2 blocks per game. That’s definitely not bad, but when compared to Williams (and his three-inch height advantage), it’s not too surprising why the Hornets ended up taking Williams where they did.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about that draft capital — in return for Jalen Duren to the Pistons, the Hornets received: Denver’s 2023 First Round Pick, the Knicks’ 2nd rounder for next year, Utah’s 2nd rounder for next year, the better of a Dallas/Miami 2nd rounder selection, and a 2024 Knicks 2nd rounder.

The Pistons got Duren and the Knicks got to get rid of Kemba Walker’s contract. I like our 5 picks, but I feel like there’s a chance that we could’ve gotten better compensation for the whole thing. It doesn’t matter now, obviously, although I wish that there was more information in advance. Especially with all the chaos.

Anyway, what do you guys think? I put up a post on my Hornets Instagram page, @hornetsatcharlotte, so feel free to leave some comments there.