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Lyft Includes GrubHub+ in the $19.99/Month Lyft Pink Subscription

On October 6th, Lyft Pink added the $9.99/month Grubhub+ subscription to the service, making this the latest in passenger/food delivery deals.

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Lyft Pink, the $19.99/month subscription service from Lyft, the ridesharing company, recently (enough) announced a partnership with Grubhub, a leading food delivery service.

The $9.99 monthly subscription service, Grubhub+, comes with unlimited free delivery (from most restaurants), access to exclusive perks (such as free deals and/or exclusive discounts), and the ability to donate change and Grubhub’ll match it.


To quote Lyft’s page,

“Connecting hungry diners to the restaurants they love and giving them the most rewarding experience is our mission at Grubhub. We’re excited to extend these rewards to even more consumers through our partnership with Lyft,” said Alex Weinstein, SVP of Growth at Grubhub. “Whether they’re ordering delivery on their way home or grabbing something to go, Lyft Pink members can now take advantage of the incredible benefits at the restaurants they love with Grubhub+.”

This inclusion technically brings down Lyft Pink’s monthly cost down to $10 per month, while also allowing delivery and transportation for one subscription.

While Grubhub+ really isn’t very exceptional, excluding the free delivery and deals, it helps add some better value to Lyft’s quite expensive service, so:

What is Lyft Pink?

Lyft’s $19.99 per month subscription had six perks, at least before the announcement of the Grubhub+ deal:

  • 15% off all rides — “Save when you commute, shop, or just need to get around.”
  • Relaxed cancellations — “We’ll (Lyft) cover 3 cancel fees per month if you rebook within 15 minutes.
  • Bikes and scooters — “Enjoy 3 free 30-minute classic bike or scooter rides or discounted ebike rides per month (in available markets.”
  • Surprise offers – “Get seasonal discounts and exclusive savings.”
  • Priority airport pickups — “Get picked up faster at the airport when it’s busy.”
  • Waived lost and found fees — “We’ll take care of the return fee every time.”
Screenshot 2020-10-24 174103

While most of these perks are semi-useful, the biggest overall deal was the 15% off all rides. This would mean that after a ~$132 value in rides, you would save more money than the monthly cost. 

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That usefulness only really applies to those that use Lyft a lot. 

The addition of Grubhub+ was likely to help add some value to Lyft Pink, since if you didn’t spend ~$132 monthly, most people wouldn’t even think about getting the subscription.

With the $9.99/month subscription from Grubhub included, it “brought” Lyft Pink’s cost down to $10/month, which means you’d only have to spend ~$66 on Lyft to make your money back, and about 2 orders through Grubhub.

The new value in this subscription meant that you now only have to order 2 meals through Grubhub, and around 3-4 Lyfts in the entire month, to technically make back the money that you spent.

I’d say this new deal is working pretty effectively, since it’s much more likely that I’d get the subscription now, since I’d only need 2 meal deliveries, which is still very useful during the pandemic, and 3 Lyfts, which while not very useful during the pandemic, is still useful, at least if I travel.



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