Intel Prepares for Graphics Card Launch with Scavenger Hunt

Intel’s “Xe HPG” is expected to be the company’s first PC gaming graphics card in over 20 years, with a teaser video just having released.

Credit | Wccftech

According to a new teaser trailer released by Intel last Thursday, the company may be planning on releasing its newest gaming graphics card (in over twenty years), very soon. The said video led to an upcoming scavenger hunt involving the graphics card, with the hunt launching March 26th at 9am PST.

Intel had previously released little information about their graphics card, something that they’re continuing up until today, having said that the card named “Xe HPG” will launch this year. While many were hoping for more information with this teaser, all we got instead was some fancy CGI and really nothing more other than some numbers.

It was actually revealed that the video contains two sets of mysterious numbers, one of which has already been decoded. Wccftech, the site where the top photo on this post came from, deciphered the digits, to be an IP address that leads to this website.

Through this website, you can see the words “Welcome to the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt,” with the hunt’s March 26th release date attached. Speaking of which, that date is a Friday at 9am PST, with a “secret code” recommended for that time when visitors come back to the website.

Three days before then, the 23rd, new Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, will hold an event discussing the company’s future, with many believing that additional details may be revealed on the matter of their newest graphics card.

Speaking of which, there’s one other number (the 2nd set), that people are hoping might be discussed, which is the sequence 79.0731W, which appeared at the 17 second mark within the promotional video. While many aren’t convinced as to what it means, most seem to point towards geographic coordinated, either indicating a second coordinate elsewhere, or some additional information needed.

It could even be the wattage of the graphics card, although that would be remarkable specific, and also really low for a graphics card.

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The biggest issue however, is that we’re going to have to wait at least 6 days, and even then, there might still be hidden information elsewhere.

Even if we don’t find out much more, it’s a good thing that Intel’s even entering the GPU business, both for the company and consumers. For those of you that don’t know, AMD and Nvidia’s GPUs dominate the market, even then with both companies facing total sellouts of their newest products. An additional competitor with great manufacturing prowess could lead to lower prices and greater supply. That’d be really good for consumers and Intel alike.

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