Information We Collect

Statural is determined to keep all information about the company and our practices transparent to our consumers and customers.

To help increase and maintain our transparency, that includes releasing information on what specific information we collect on you when you visit or purchase our website or product, respectively.

As of October 11th, 2020, the only information we collect of yours is in our Statural Status mailing letter. The information collected there is your name and/or email. All of this data is stored in encrypted servers, and we do not have access to any other information other than what you specifically submit.

Other than newsletter information, we do not collect any other information.

While we have the option to increase statistics and information collected by our analytics providers, we have decided against it to retain our transparency and increase your privacy, to not only help ease your state of mind, but also to prevent any unauthorized access. Our information is encrypted and protected, but in the case of unfortunate circumstances, we make sure to not collect information that may be leaked if it was to be collected.