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GM's New Hummer EV Sells Out First-Year Production Within an Hour

The brand new electric Hummer “supertruck” announced by General Motors today has sold out of first-year production, within just one hour.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup | General Motors

General Motors announced their foray into the electric pickup market, with the GMC Hummer EV, priced at more than 110 thousand USD.

According to the GMC website, this would be the “world’s first all-electric supertruck.” This is honestly really exciting for a couple of reasons.

While this is already an interesting vehicle, GM pushed even further with some brand new technologies incorporated:

  • CrabWalk | a technology that is described as being able to drive diagonally
  • Extract Mode | lifts attached to the car body, allowing the car to lift up to 6 inches above the tires
  • Ultravision | a complex system of underbody cameras for all sorts of directional and technical uses
  • 350+ mile range with a 100 mile charge in 10 minutes

This unique truck also comes with 1 thousand horsepower, the ability to go from 0-60 MPH in 3 seconds, an infinity roof with sky panels, and driver assistance with hands free driving.

The truck looks incredible, with a very modern design, not only for the chassis, but for the insides as well.

Leather seats, with a dark and light gray coloring, a massive touchscreen, and tons of accents make this pickup look incredible.


Truck Models

The pickup comes available in four different models:

      Hummer EV2, starting at $79,995, available in Spring of 2024. It comes with 2 motors, a 250 miles range, and 625 horsepower.

      Hummer EV2X, starting at $89,995, available in Spring of 2023. This model comes with 2 motors as well, but a 300 mile range, and the same horsepower.

      Hummer EV3X, starting at $99,999, available in Fall of 2022. This model comes with 3 motors, and 800 horsepower, with the same range as the EV2X.

      Last, but not least, the Hummer EV Edition 1 starts at $112,595, available in Fall of 2021, with 3 motors, a 350+ mile range, 1000 horsepower, and the ability to hit 60 MPH in 3 seconds.

All three of these are available to be reserved, excluding reservations for the EV Edition 1, which sold out in less than an hour after announcement.

Featured Stories
GM’s Leap Towards EVs

While GMC has been rumored to be interested in electric vehicles for quite a while, they took some major steps recently to cement their foothold in the industry, starting with an introduction of the Ultium batteries. These batteries were followed up by the announcement of General Motors’ $2 billion, 11% equity investment into the EV company Nikola.

GM along with all of the other major car producers, excluding Toyota Motors, have all been outclassed heavily by Tesla Motors’ sudden rise to fame. Built up by one of the cheapest EVs to date, and a mass following for CEO(?) Elon Musk’s innovative and edgy personality, Tesla’s had a massive explosion in value.

Due to these sudden shifts towards green technology and Tesla’s EVs, most of the car producers have fallen behind, with some gas car bans in California, and increased sales for Tesla.

This has left the big car companies, without major EV sections, scrambling to catch up to Tesla’s years-ahead technology.

This is why GM developed their Ultium batteries, and attempted to invest $2 billion into Nikola. (attempted, but not confirmed due to a scandal with Nikola’s founder and their only product, which may have been completely faked)

Anyway, GM’s current foray into EVs and battery technology has been ramped up exponentially due to their new battery developments and their new EV pickup. That pickup not only marks GM’s first EV, but also the world’s first pickup, and the demand has been shown by the selling out of the first production cycle.

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