Disney's Investor Day Unveils 2021 Disney+ Shows and Movies

Disney's Investor Day Unveils 2021 Disney+ Shows and Movies

December 10th marks Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, revealing information about the company’s condition and their 2021 Disney+ streaming plans.

December 10th marks Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, revealing information about the company’s condition and their 2021 Disney+ streaming plans.

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Disney’s had a rough year, with COVID being the reasoning behind literally 99% of their issues.

Disney Parks are closed due to the masses of people within each park; Disney’s Studio Entertainment has virtually 0 revenue due to theaters either being closed, or avoided by wary customers; Disney’s ESPN network has had little sports to show, at least up until recently; and their Consumer Products division has faltered as well.

The one shining point for Disney and part of the entertainment scene as a whole, has been Disney’s barely one-year old Disney+, which has managed to attract almost 74 million subscribers within its first year, heavily outpacing every other new competitor that the “streaming wars” has brought.

Thursday, the 10th, is when the company plans on releasing future plans for the company and its streaming services, in detail.

This presentation is expected to unveil some major show and movie exclusives for Disney+, as well as give new details on some of the big shows’ updated information, such as with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or WandaVision. Disney is also expected to release information about their upcoming Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor, and some of the fates for their many franchises.

Bob Chapek, the current Disney CEO has hinted that the company is planning on revealing more blockbuster films, such as Mulan, also revealing their plans for the films’ likely offerings on the Disney+ platform.

While that’s not confirmed, we’ll be able to find out at 1:30 PT (4:30 ET) on Thursday, when Disney will stream an investor day event outlining all of its plans for the future of the company’s entertainment divisions.

The unfortunate part that falls into this, is that the event is an investor event, meaning that not only with numbers and financials be in the spotlight, but much of the event will be confidentially locked behind an investor exclusive link.

This means that much of the exciting information that Disney releases will be censored on the public-available stream, exclusively available to shareholders in the company (including me). Whether or not I’ll be able to legally report on the event, I’ll find out, but I’m not sure now.

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Even with censorship thrown into the mix, there’s still tons of images and videos that the company says will be released after the presentation. While trailers, teasers, and sneak peeks will likely be hidden, there will still be usable releases after the event.

The big change this year

Due to the pandemic and the changing world of entertainment, Disney is expected to focus heavily on streaming, over the company’s usual general overview of how the company’s doing.

Disney+ will likely be a huge part of the presentation, since the company reorganized over streaming, which we wrote about, here. Luckily, this reorganization should be given some more depth during the stream, including Disney’s response to some competitors’ streaming chances, such as AT&T’s surprising jump to streaming, which we also wrote about, here.

The pandemic has also forced the company to make this event completely virtual, and has affected its studio decisions, ruining their unwavering loyalty to the 75 day in cinema rule that had existed for decades, until Universal made a deal for a 17(?) day exclusivity window.

(most box office sales within first 20 days)

Whether Disney follows AT&T/WarnerMedia’s choice to release on both cinema and streaming, or Universal’s 17 day exclusivity window choice, we’ll probably find out Thursday.

When is the event?

The stream starts Thursday at 1:30 pm PT or 4:30 pm ET, but access starts at 12:30 or 3:30 pm, one hour before the livestream starts.

Disney recommends you start up your stream a little early to troubleshoot connection issues before the event starts.

How can I access the livestream?

The stream will be available on the Disney Investor Relations site, and will likely go dark during some confidential moments, such as when clips, trailers, sneak peeks, or teasers are released, which the company might not want publicly released.

If you are an investor, an invitation will be sent out, which will allow access to the uninterrupted stream with footage.

How can I watch?

Disney recommends using your largest screen, such as casting from your device to your TV, as the stream uses a browser-based player.

Since TVs generally don’t natively accept these types of browser players, you can instead bring it up on your phone or computer, and then send it to your TV, for larger viewing.