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Disneyland Bill

Disney Parks Now Enforcing CDC Mask Recommendations

With COVID-19 cases ramping up across America, domestic Disney Parks now require masks regardless of whether guests are vaccinated or not.

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In a turn of events for Disney’s domestic parks, the company is now mandating masks, on property, regardless of your vaccination status. While not completely unexpected thanks to the US’ growing COVID-19 numbers, it’s a quick reversal alongside the one provided by the CDC.

As numbers have continued to grow, the CDC has moved their position on masking all over the place, originally moving from a mandate everywhere you can’t be 6 feet apart to removing the recommendation for vaccinated people. Even still, with the Delta variant running rampant, the organization has changed their minds yet again, this time recommending everybody, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, to wear masks. 

Disney has followed suit quite quickly, announcing the decision just early Thursday. In fact, it’s quite quickly-enough that the company hasn’t updated their websites to reflect the change yet. Starting Friday, Disney Parks will require all guests to wear face coverings in all indoor locations at WDW (Walt Disney World in Florida) and Disneyland, California. Any children under 2 years are exempt, although you’ll be required to wear a mask.

Disney World and Disneyland are both located in COVID-19 hotspots: Florida and California, respectively. Thanks to their proximity to both hotspots and the mass-guest experience that a theme park is, it’s probably a good idea that Disney switched back already. After all, US COVID cases have risen from a low of 4,000 per day, to just over 100,000 on July 27th.

While Disney parks are outdoors, there are quite a few indoor portions, consisting of rides/restaurants/restrooms/shops/the like. With the several millions that arrive at both parks yearly, there’s a lot of potential contamination and infection while at a park. Even with Disney’s thermometer readings, mandated social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, and much more.

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This decision was sudden, but it’s likely a good idea. It’s important to know that it’s just indoor guests that are required to wear a mask, meaning that for most of any visit to a Disney Park, you’ll be maskless.

Even still, there’s going to be more than a fair share of controversy covering this decision, especially considering that a sizable portion of America is still strongly anti-mask and anti-vaccine. While Disney has always had safety as a massive focus for its parks, this decision will no doubt be seen as purely political to many. Nonetheless, their strategy has worked, with (what I believe to be) zero cases having been caused directly by being in a Disney Park. We’ll just have to wait and see how this strategy plays out though, and will keep you updated.

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