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Control Teased As Next Xbox Game Pass Game Through Twitter

Control Teased As Next Xbox Game Pass Game Through Twitter

A “leaked” tweet from Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter has fans convinced that Remedy’s Control will become the next big title on the service.

A “leaked” tweet from Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter has fans convinced that Remedy’s Control will become the next big title on the service.

Credit | Remedy Entertainment

Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter released their newest tease in a long line of “leaked” Game Pass reveals, this time hinting towards the release of Remedy Entertainment’s Control on the service.

One of the top games of 2019, Control takes the well known combat of Remedy’s other titles, and adds it to a well developed, subdued sci-fi world. Moving past the gameplay aspect of the game, Control is one of the most technologically advanced games ever, pushing every platform it launched on to its limits.

For those new Xbox fans and owners, Control would be a great add on to the already great Game Pass service, making something exciting to look for, at least for pretty much every game fan.

As of the 29th (November), there’s still a couple of really good games that provide the same technical push as Control, such as Forza Horizon 4, which is said to be one of the best looking Xbox Series X optimized games. FH4 can be found alongside Gears 5 and Tetris Effect: Connected in terms of high prowess games, but Control adds a different genre of technical wizardry.

At noon exactly, Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter account released a “leaked message” from “Melissa McGamepass,” both being commonly used terms in Xbox’s hints towards new Game Pass games. This Tweet however, focused at Remedy’s Control, but very generically.

The message in question focused on hints involving a “GIF with a sinister red light,” alongside a bright red redacted name. Immediate thoughts ran towards Control, which is well known for its use of red lighting within the game, as well as the hype surrounding the game when it initially launched. If this ends up being true, it would would be great for both gamers with Game Pass, and for Microsoft, which has pushed hard for Game Pass’ adoption.

Promotional Material for Control; look at the abundance of red lighting

As you can hopefully see from the GIF above, Control was well known for a while by its sci-fi, vaguely intense gameplay and the eerie red lighting associated with the game as well. If you can’t see the GIF since it’s a full 5MB file on a blog page, it’s some unspecific flashes of red in a room with floating documents, then a wave, then the Control logo.

Either way, the probably high hype anyway, will depend on what type of Control software Microsoft is packaging in with Game Pass. There’s two so far, the:

Standard Edition – which comes with the game. yes, it’s literally the base game. like most games

and the Ultimate Edition – which comes with the base game; both game expansions, the Foundation and Awe; and all extra content, which includes Expeditions and Photo Mode.

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Control’s Standard Edition retails for about $20, or even cheaper depending on where you get the game from. The Ultimate Edition currently retails for $40, which even compared to the original sell price of $60 for the base game, seems like a deal.

Whether Microsoft chooses the Standard or Ultimate, nobody knows yet. Publisher 505 Games had decided not to include next-gen consoles through Smart Delivery, opting for a new Ultimate Edition (as above) as the next-gen suitor as well.

If 505 has chosen to make a deal with Microsoft for their Xbox One version of the game, over the Series X version, the game on Game Pass might act as more of an advertisement for the newer version, since the newer version comes with all add-ons and DLC.

While the Xbox One version doesn’t look terrible by any means, the Series X version is souped up, focused on performance and graphics. With the One version, the game wouldn’t be bad, those that just spent $500 on a Series X (or more), might want the highest fidelity graphics possible.

While the possible lesser version of Control may be released on Game Pass, over the Series X version, the game will still be a great addition to Game Pass, providing the software to a wider audience than it may have been in before. 

Sadly, I for one, have never played the game. Yes, I need to. Hopefully I can next month once the game releases on Game Pass?