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North Mecklenburg High School

Welcome to the Arbitrage Club!

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What We Do
Here in the Arbitrage Club we try to unsketchify the sketchy parts of finance. This includes Gambling, Crypto, Stocks, and more! We also play a variety of card games. We hope to build a friendly community to learn and have some fun with!
More Info
You can come by the club anytime to play some games or learn a little more about finance. But if you want to become a member of the club you can receive special benefits. For signing up click the button below.
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Meeting Information
Come by Mr. Pasko's room (#M204) on Thursdays at 2:15 to 3:15 if you want to play games and hang out. Feel free to come or leave whenever you'd like! To see a calendar with our meeting dates click the button below.
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What The Arbitrage Club Is:

The Arbitrage Club explores statistics in finance. The “learning” part of the club is optional but we do recommend it. We will be discussing topics such as gambling (casino games), crypto currencies (scams and successful ones), the stock market (Basic investing), and more.

The other half of the club is all about card games and cardistry. We will be playing all kinds of card games, learning/performing card tricks, and everything in between.

Anyone is free to come to meetings whether they’re a member or not. However, members get some benefits. These include up-to-date club news, a say in club decisions, an exclusive members’ Discord server, and more to come.

Our Sponsor:

The sponsors for our club are Mr. Pasko and Mr. Stiefel (Secondary). We will mainly be using Mr. Pasko’s room (#M204); however, if he is not here we will be meeting in Mr. Stiefel’s room (#M211).

Member Sign-Up

(You will be required to come to at least 1 meeting before becoming a member)

Meeting Calendar