Apple's Simplistic AirTags Leaked at Low $39 Price Point

Thanks to a leak from YouTuber EverythingApple Pro, the AirTags will retail at $39 and will be 32mm x 32mm x 6mm, in-between competitors.

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Apple’s long rumored AirTags trackers are expected to be slightly larger than a half-dollar coin and around three times as thick according to leaked dimensions by YouTuber Max Weinbech, of the channel EverythingApplePro. According to Weinbech, the AirTags will be available in one size, a 32mm x 32mm x 6mm circular shape, placing it between future competitors, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags and Tile’s Sticker.

A previous rumor had suggested that Apple was producing two sizes of Apple AirTags, although many have duly noted that two sizes of trackers really wouldn’t be very useful or quite necessary, especially considering its purpose.

Moving on past rumors and leaks, these AirTags have officially be discovered within an internal build of iOS 13, with photos shown of the trackers as small, circular, white tags with an Apple logo on what could be a metallic surface. They’re expected to be attached via adhesive or a ring, although there could be additional ways of using the trackers with other items.

What about pricing?

A further leak from Weinbach included a $39 price tag according to his retail sources, a $10 increase over Samsung’s SmartTags. The SmartTag is a small Bluetooth-powered tracker, exclusively built for Samsung phones and their usage for finding lost objects. These are made from plastic, so Apple’s higher price tag hopefully represents a higher quality build design.

Still not much information from Apple

In the iOS 14.5 beta, a new “Items” tab enabled by default within the Find My app, led many to hope that Apple’s AirTags were finally arriving soon. Apple said that iOS 14.5 would be released to the public in “early spring,” although they haven’t released a more specific release date yet.

Weinbach believes that Apple will announce new products, including their AirTags, “soon,” whether it may be through a press release or an accessory specific event. There’s still not any information on that though, so there’s still no real guarantee on when or even if, that event might eventually occur.

Further accessories in a new line

AirTags are just one of several “Items” that Apple is expected to launch, with some leakers assuming that Apple may release as many as three new products, through the tablet, wearable and accessories categories that Apple supplies. This falls alongside some other theories that Apple will reveal these products in April, although that would be the company’s first April event in over 11 years.

The wearable product is likely to be new seasonable Apple Watch bands, whether it may be new colors for current loop bands, or an entirely new band style for the watches. The rumored iPad Pro is the current frontrunner for possible tablet releases, while AirTags would fall in as the accessories product.

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Hopefully these leaks turn out to be true, as AirTags could be great revenue for Apple, and a great accessory for Apple users. A thin, but high quality tracker could be incredibly useful, and if a GPS was included with a higher price tag, that would allow near global range on located devices.

Compared to the current Bluetooth trackers made of plastic, there’s a good chance that a wideband, GPS powered, (partially) metal tracker could be leaps and bounds greater than other products, even for a new release. Make sure to check back onto as the news rolls in, and we’ll make sure to talk more about the AirTags if they’re officially announced.

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