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Apple's First-Gen iPhone 12 MagSafe Accessories Have Arrived

Apple's First-Gen iPhone 12 MagSafe Accessories Have Arrived

One of the most surprising but useful features of the new iPhone 12s hasn’t had any real accessories. That was until today’s 1st-gen wave.

One of the most surprising but useful features of the new iPhone 12s hasn’t had any real accessories. That was until today’s 1st-gen wave.

Credit | Macworld UK

Apple’s iPhone 12 comes with a lot of unique next-gen features, especially for a full line of new phones. Included in this rather large lineup of phones is a little technology that Apple likes to call MagSafe, which also happens to be the name of a previous magnetic charger for a MacBook. Statural went into depth on the feature, here, which you can check out, then come back, of course.

The iPhone 12, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max have all come out, not too long after Apple’s September event when they were announced alongside technology and features on the new phones, such as MagSafe. The company also announced a new subscription, the Apple One subscription, which we covered here, alongside the phones.

These announcements heavily overshadowed the (re?) introduction of MagSafe, which charges iPhones like normal wireless chargers, but with a twist. This ‘little’ detail was heavily ignored when things like 5G, Ceramic Shield, and faster CPUs and GPUs were announced.

Quick backstory

As a quick summary, MagSafe charges iPhone 12 devices, exclusively, providing a 15w charging experience (compared to general 7.5w), along with a magnetic snap to optimize the alignment of the charger to the phone. You can see the magnet alignment in the photo above, with this array belonging to Apple’s MagSafe Case.

While this looks like literally a wireless charger with a magnet, it goes a little deeper. I won’t go far into depth, but you can use this magnetic seal and the power to use other accessories attached to your phones, like with Motorola’s Moto Mods or wireless charging in Samsung and OnePlus’ phones.

Apple’s also given external creators the ability to design their own proprietary designs for the MagSafe tech, opening tons of possibilities to thousands of companies.

Released accessories
A total of 11 accessories are guaranteed available for sale, including the:
  • MagSafe Charger
  • iPhone 12 Clear Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe
  • Magsafe Duo
  • OtterBox Aneu Series Case for iPhone 12
  • OtterBox Figura Series Case for iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Leather Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve with MagSafe
  • Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe
  • Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount Pro
  • and Pitaka Magnetic Phone Case for iPhone 12

*Statural plans on releasing a guide for accessories later this month with links and prices”


As you can see, the vast majority of the accessories available are cases. Seven are either cases or technically cases (I’m looking at you, iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve with MagSafe).

With the technology only having been widely known for about 2-3 months, this really isn’t that much of a surprise. Some of the accessories that people are hoping and planning for, are incredibly complex, and it’ll take time to set up.

The products that aren’t cases however, are your typical new phone accessories. The MagSafe Charger is a wireless charger; the 3 in 1 wireless charger, is a 3 in 1 wireless charger, but with MagSafe; and the Car Vent Mount Pro is a car vent. mount. pro.

You might have noticed I missed one, the MagSafe Duo. 

This thing is actually really cool. It’s compatible with your iPhone, (wireless) AirPods, and your Apple Watch. It’s a little bifold wallet type charger, that just folds up into this little square. When unfolded, it’s a MagSafe charger, and the Apple Watch charger, which unfolds further, to allow you to stand up your watch like a night clock.

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Even with this cool Duo announced, and now selling, there’s still an obvious lack of other accessories. 

How about a speaker? A battery that magnetically attached to your phone? A little external GPU that connects to your phone (via lightning?)? What about a speaker? A watch addon? A mini back display? The possibilities go on.

The real issue lies in quality and the fact that the technology’s only been around for a few months.

Some accessories have already gotten flak for being really not good, even from Apple’s own first-party lineup. The magnets in some cases are too weak, others are too strong and almost impossible to get off, some accessories don’t charge well, others just overheat and stop working, there’s tons of things that could go wrong.

Alongside that, there’s just been no time to develop anything. How can a team be expected to create a revolutionary lineup of products within a few months, after having no indications that MagSafe would ever happen?

Besides that, this is a great start. With the technology being shipped out to consumers and businesses, this’ll be a great time for people to learn more about it, and create their own accessories. Hopefully, Apple’s stumbled upon a really great community for something new.