Amazon's Smart-Speaker Echo Dot Up to 30% on Sale This Week

The uber-popular Echo Dot is now on sale, with some other affiliated Echo devices for the week, from the Echo Buds to the 3rd gen Dot.

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The standard shaped smart speaker with a great price

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020)

My personal favorite speaker, with crisp audio and a new design

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock

The above speaker, but with an LED clock built in

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Edition

An Echo Dot 4 w/kid theming, parental controls, and a year of Amazon Kids+

Echo Show 8 | HD with Alexa

Stereo sound and an 8″ screen cap off an entertainment device from Amazon

Amazon’s uber-popular Echo series smart products are on sale today, with potential savings on upwards of $15 per device. These are incredible smart speakers, with pretty good sound quality for such a small package, and they all contain surprising variety between types of Echos.

The standard Echo Dot 3rd Gen is a classic, the puck sized and shaped speaker with decent speaker quality. I don’t necessarily love it, as the audio isn’t very good, but it’s definitely serviceable at $29.99, and especially when comparing it to its normal $39.99 price.

Then, you have the Echo Dot 4th generation, with the Echo Dot, Dot with Clock, and the Kids Edition. These are all alike, excluding the obvious lack of a clock in the standard Dot and Kids Edition speaker, and the addition of Kids themed software and hardware for the Kids Edition dot.

I love the 4th gen Dot. I actually have one to my right, on my desk right now. The speaker quality is insane compared to the 2nd and 3rd gen speakers, likely much due to the refurbished design, now someone reminiscent of the Apple Homepod. With this spherical design, the Dot now has greater sound quality in a taller package, and has more accurate stereo sound.

I really recommend this one to most people looking for a Dot or some smart speaker. If you’re getting one for a kid, the Kids Edition is fine, but for the same price as the with Clock edition, I’m not sure about it. Then, obviously, if you’re looking for a clock, then get the clock one. Duh.

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Lastly, we have the Echo Show 8 on sale, which is Amazon’s interactive entertainment/music/productive combination speaker/screen system. This thing does a wide number of tasks, including watching videos online, visiting the internet, video calling or voice calling, standard Alexa things, music, and much more.

This is really the Living Room/Kitchen speaker, as it’s really visual heavy, and if you don’t plan on looking at it often, or having it in a place you can look at it, I really wouldn’t recommend it. The 8 inch screen is really useful for entertainment or streaming content as well, so it’s pretty well rounded.

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